City on a Hill w/ KEVIN BACON!

Live Musical Theatre Reel

Film/TV Demo Reel

I Was Here from The Glorious Ones

Clip from Angels Perch (Indie Feature)

Ladies Who Lunch - Benefit Cabaret

Clip from The Firesturtles (Pilot Presentation)

Leave - Benefit Cabaret 

True Love Always - Mockumentary Pilot

The Coroner (Dramatic)

Camera Class Clip from NBC's Parenthood

Full Demo Reel circa 2011

Roomates Sketch - Christmas 2007

Montage Reel 2001-2011

Heineken Commercial

Monologue/Song Audition Reel - 2011

Live Comedy Reel 2004-2010

(Groundlings, Comedy Store, IO West & More)

Shakespeare Festival Audition

Addams Family Tour Clips

The Hamlet Project - Los Angeles Promo Video: Outtakes!

The Hamlet Project - Los Angeles: 

Promo Video.

And just for fun.......
The 2002 Music Video for Boulevard from my band - 
Hi - Fi Riot!!!!