Addams Family Tour 


Lexington Herald Leader:

"Jesse Sharp and Lexie Dorsett shine in the leading roles of Gomez and Morticia Addams...They do just what the leading players in a company should do: They lead."


Broadway World: 

"As the patriarch of the Addams Family, Gomez Addams, Jesse Sharp was able to bring a new life this well-known character." 


Showbiz Radio, Richmond VA:

"Jesse Sharp (Gomez) turns in a strong comedic performance, with expert timing." 


Omaha World Herald:

"Jesse Sharp makes a fine Gomez, oozing affection for his prickly-pear wife."  


Ft lauderdale Sun Sentinel:

"Sharp takes big, juicy bites out of the Gomez role"


El Paso Times:

"Terrifically portrayed by Jesse Sharp, whose Gomez consistently hit his comedic marks."


Ventura County

"Jesse Sharp, who spent two years studying theater at Santa Barbara City College, is wonderful in the role as a romantic, swashbuckling rogue with a weakness for tango." 


Rochester City News:

"Jesse Sharp lends Gomez a likably daffy energy."


Dayton Examiner:

"A masterful performance is given by Jesse Sharp as Gomez, who perfectly personifies the patriarch. His voice, as well as his comedic timing and stage presence are always right on target." 


Singapore Word Press:

"Jesse Sharp did a brilliant job of portraying Gomez Addams, with his slick moves and charm."



Elf National Tour


Lincoln Journal Star:

"The callous but charming Walter, Jesse Sharp, keeps the drama moving."


San Francisco Theatre Blog:

"Jesse Sharp, Walter, and Lexie Dorsett Sharp, Emily, make for a fabulous parental duo. Mr. Sharp brings great authenticity to his portrayal of the stern businessman turned loving father."  


Grease International Tour


Malaysia Star:

"Sharps Vince Fontaine is a walking cartoon come to life...humorous with great moments of improvisation."




Gilroy Dispatch:

"Jesse Sharp as Peron underplays the immoral tyrant/dictator with a strong tenor with enough passion and subtle weakness to keep the audience aware of his insecurities.


Autumn Moon - World Premier NYC



Jesse Sharps’s rough and cocky Minion featured a dangerous, yet playful, give and take. 


The Hamlet Project


New York Times:

"During my fifth beer, “The Hamlet Project” got even funnier." From the Three Day Hangover production.


Time Out LA:

"A Must See..Get thee to a drinkery! The audience gets into the act at this "Shakespeare drinking theatrical event." Intoxication is encouraged, so expect the tragedy to come with more than a few comedic twists."

From the Loose Canon Collective production.